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As you join the Fashion Nex portal, it will ask you some details regarding your overall business and the pain areas which, based on an algorithm will then be matched with your industry applicable information, relevant professionals, marketplaces, clients and partners that can assist you to attain your business objectives.


Our robust global network comprises of research institutes, labs, organizations, technical experts, entrepreneurs, incubators, funding agencies, investors, manufacturing and distributing units, consultants, technology transfer centers, consortiums and associations.


Join Fashion Nex portal and your business will always be accepted in the Fashion Industry as well as at diverse marketplaces. At Fashion Nex, we help all types of stakeholders to promote their business using defined online and offline strategies.


Marketing and promotion is essential for your any business's survival and growth - it's about getting the right products/information, to the right people.


We strongly believe that the one thing holding back sustainability in the fashion industry is the decimation of the key information to the consumers. The whole world in general needs to be informed about the value addition each business/product brings to the sustainable fashion industry.


Save your efforts and grow your business by joining us as we are an established marketing and technology partner for this industry.


Fashion Nex has a special focus on the business side of sustainable fashion. We are a sturdy marketing and business networking platform that has been an influential catalyst for business success for sustainable fashion industry.


With the use of high-end technology, online and digital media, extensive industry network, enormous knowledge and experience, we have delivered effectual business and branding solutions to various business groups of the fashion niche. We arrange B2B meetings, set up events calendar and bring for you latest industry as well as business updates.


We at Fashion Nex, offer global exposure to innovations by giving them a platform to showcase the inventions and other research offerings globally. The innovators can showcase their innovations in on our portal and can leverage our online network that we provide to unlock strategic and financial help.


There are real innovations happening around us which are almost ready but need a gentle push to cover the distance between successful testing phase and Goto Market scenario. With the help of our global network of IP and technical experts, incubators, funding agencies, investors, IP Consortiums, technology transfer centers etc we can bridge the gap between the Market challenges and the problem solvers.