3 Major Challenges Faced By The Industry


Change of Perception - Perception of an individual about a cause is a major hinderance in its acceptability. The world should know the importance/contribution of sustainable fashion.

Information Mesh - Information is the key for any business and getting the required and desired information at a single place and with ease is the basic requirement in todays business world.

Innovation - Innovation is the only key which can unlock the scenario Innovators are still in their infancy due to lack of strategic and financial support which holds tto become goto market ready

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Textile sent to Landfills


dumped clothing can be recycled/reused


Consumers Dont Purchase Sustainble Clothing As Its Not Fashionable


Consumers Havent Heard Of Any Sustainable Brand

About us

Fashion Nex is the first ever b2b2c tech rich portal helping to complete the business cycle between various stakeholders of sustainable fashion business.

It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based fashion solution platform for an assortment of stakeholders dealing in the sustainable fashion marketplaces. The portal leverages AI technology to increase networking capabilities of individuals and businesses as a whole, in turn helping them reach their goals along with the line of sustainability. Our technology-driven platform matches members with the associates and resources they require to thrive and enables them to work in sustainable ways.

We market and promote our member businesses not only on our AI based solution platform but also on multiple professional as well as social media platforms.

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