Inspiring Sustainable Fashion Designers Of India In 2019
Inspiring Sustainable Fashion Designers Of India In 2019
Sustainable fashion is a relatively new concept that has taken over the fashion industry by a storm.

“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”- Anonymous.


This quote defines the concept of sustainable development in an incredibly perfect manner. Sustainable fashion is a modern concept where designers use natural and recycling techniques to create their products.  

Sustainable fashion is a relatively new concept that has taken over the fashion industry by a storm. Indian designers are focusing more on the concern of an increase in pollution. So, they are trying to promote eco-friendly products which are produced using natural dyes, use of less energy, and adopting up cycling of materials. 

Here is a list of inspiring sustainable fashion designers:


  1. Samant Chauhan Samant Chauhan is a 2004 NIFT pass out who has won many awards for his fashion designs. He believes that there are other ‘non-violent’ ways to extract the silk. He is known for promoting Bhagalpuri silk. While using silk in his designs, he makes sure that the process used in the production is eco-friendly. While he was in college, he saw the light of the workers of Bhagalpur, his native city and wanted to make sure that they receive the due appreciation and monetary compensation for their work. He says designers should promote our heritage through their work.


  3. Anita Dongre Anita Dongre has been the pioneer in the field of the fashion industry and is known for her breathtaking bridal collection. She has also been known for her sustainable fashion line called the Grass root, which aims at not using leather and uses eco-friendly methods of fashion production and development of craftsmen. She has been using a revolutionary fabric for all her production work, which is manufactured with the help of renewable raw material wood. 


  5. Ruchika SachdevaRuchika Sachdeva is the mother of the Bodice Collection. She has won the International Woolmark Prize in the year 2018. Her office has a compost pit and the building works in sunlight as possible. She uses upcycled wool threads for Kantha work, and the buttons on her dress are made up of coconut shells. Her production process recycles the water and uses dyes from the naturally occurring shrubs and leaves so that her office doesn’t produce toxic waste. She is also trying to find an alternative of leather so as to curb animal cruelty.


  7. Swati Argade Swati Argade is the women who introduced Bhoomki to the sustainable fashion industry. She uses ethical manufacturing processes along with sustainable material to make sure that the designs she is making do not harm nature. When she stared with Bhoomki, she was determined to get the craftsmen the fair share of their earnings. Her production process uses natural dyes and recycled water. She has also given employment to an all women factory in Noida to ensure women empowerment. The production and purchase of Bhoomki lessen the carbon footprint of the purchasers.


Key Takeaways

Our earth has been suffering from toxic waste and pollution for more than a few decades. We are already experiencing the possessions of neglect towards our natural environment. Saying that the need of the hour is for the whole fashion industry to take on more sustainable initiatives and generate attentiveness even amongst common people. 

On the other hand, fashion is one of the most popular industries that have never been out of demand. In fact, the need for fashion increases manifold. It is one of the only sectors which can provide fair wages to artisans and promote sustainable development. 


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