Masaba Gupta has always been a path-breaking fashion designer. Her peppy and popping designs have created a fan following due to their unique style. Meanwhile, she is also sustainably setting new standards.


Bollywood fashion is a large canvas. Rarely goods are reused and made with consideration towards the environment. Here comes the relevance of designers like Masaba. Sustainability has become the buzzword in every field especially after the pandemic hit. Masaba has been heralding this thought way before. Her designs always stick to being slice-of-life. They are innovative and out-of-the-box.


She notices that many brands get boycotted for their unsustainable practices. She does not limit her thoughts on sustainability to just using organic fabrics. She is aware of carbon footprint and the importance of conscious acts to reduce it.

She did a show at the UN to promote the reduction of plastic. Masaba’s label is trying to go plastic-free by 2022. Her anti-plastic clothing line “I will wear out plastic” was launched in January 2020. It was part of a campaign organized by UNEP and Ogilvy to phase out single-use plastic. Masaba used her creativity and fashion to send out a great message of sustainability. Garments in this collection had elements to reduce plastic waste in everyday life, like one with a detachable reusable bag for all impulsive shoppers.


According to her change towards sustainable fashion is an immediate call. Each of us should take part in it, perfectly or imperfectly. She thinks the main hurdle to sustainable fashion is, since it is a disruptive thought as opposed to general use and throw systems, it costs more. Not many people can pay up a premium price. She launches her products mostly online to reduce overproduction. This also helps her to reach the maximum audience at a lesser cost.

So the success of it depends upon how people accept a product. If more people buy sustainable goods, the prices are bound to drop. Better technologies will evolve that are more aligned towards sustainable fashion.


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